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Zoook Data Card 14.4 Mbps


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Lead Time: 2 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity : 10
Material Type: ABS
Color: Black
Pack Contents: 1 Zoook Data Card 14.4 Mbps
  • The ZR-144+ lets you catch live TV, streaming videos and music on the net at the rate of knots. Enjoy 3G connectivity they way it is supposed to be full-throttle speed of 14.4 Mbps.
  • With the Zoook Soft Wi-Fi you can create your own Hotspot which built-in now,you can even share the internet connection with family and friends over PC/Notebook Wifi.
  • Easy Plug-n-Play - An auto-installation and plug-n-play features makes it easy to build a connection to the world via your mobility devices, such as laptop and tablets.
  • Automatic Network Selection- Detects network automatically without having to manually preset within your Service Provider Internet network coverage area.
  • Zoook Hotspot - Share your Internet connection with friends and family thru the proprietary Wifi Software. Communique Services with SMS