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ZoooK Blue Air Drum


Availability: In stock

Lead Time: 2 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity : 10
Size: 9.6 x 5.8 x 9.6 cm
Material Type: ABS
Color: AQUA
Pack Contents: 1 bs100 bt speaker, 1 micro usb charging cable, 1 user guide
  • The Ultimate-Party Portable Speaker: Enjoy sweet sound in a sleek, portable design with this Air Drum rechargeable Bluetooth* wireless speaker by Zoook Blue. Use the wireless speaker just about anywhere–from the kitchen or living room to a dorm room, office, back deck, or den. It can even be taken along to the beach when relaxing in the summer sunshine with friends
  • Connects Wirelessly to Bluetooth-Enabled Devices: To pair the speaker to a handheld device, simply enable the device's Bluetooth functionality and select the Zoook Air Drum. The speaker can connect wirelessly from up to 30 feet away, and it works with most Bluetooth-enabled Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod
  • Rechargeable Battery with Led Indicators and Line-In Capability: The Air Drum wireless speaker features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to five hours of wireless play. The speaker also comes with line-in capability, which allows you to connect your non-Bluetooth-enabled devices directly to the speaker. Using the line-in connection, Zoook to all your favorite tunes for up to 12 hours.
  • It also comes with call controls and an onboard microphone so you can use it as a speakerphone and blue LED indicators let you know when the battery is charging and when it's fully charged, as well as when the Air Drum is on standby or receiving a call.