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Trio of Nuts Set

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When it comes to being original, nothing beats this 100% natural nut bouquet. Classic Kashmiri White Walnut Halves, Shelled Almonds and Plain Roasted Cahews are wonderfully crunchy on their own, and great when paired with almost anything! The best possible to experience the real taste of these nuts is in their natural form.

This bouquet weighs approximately 900 gms, with each of following products packed in a beautiful tin and placed in our signature CherryTin box.

Roasted Cashews: Every nut affectionado will have a soft corner for this one. You can eat it as it is and let its earthy tones shine through, or get creative and come up with your own fabulous flavor. Either way, they will make a great addition to any home and fulfill those hunger pangs that crop up at the oddest of times (we have had cravings during showers). So we think its best you get some and keep a bowl in every room.

White Walnut Halves: One of the healthiest nuts around, the walnut is rich in healthy oils, antioxidants and taste! Romans considered it the Royal Food of Jove - the King of the Gods. And if it's good enough for the King of the Gods then there must be something to it. Get some and find out what that something is. While it's great plain there are so many things to do with these versatile nuts - how about a crunchy Waldorf Salad or a banana walnut cake? Heavens are the limit!

Shelled Kashmiri Almonds: High in potassium, these almonds are shelled with care. Use them for cooking or as a snack, these sweet and crunchy almonds are truly addictive.

Cashews, almonds & walnuts join forces in this ultimate nut gift box that is perfect for holiday & wedding gifting.