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Supari Bouquet

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The habit of chewing supari (betel nut) dates back to 1st century BC. Apart from being known for its medicinal properties, supari is also part of various Indian traditions. The Bengalis use it as a good luck symbol under their pillow and the Maharashtrians use it in poojas in place of a wife if she is away! The digestive heritage trail continues here with our Supari bouquet.

Our Supari Bouquet comes in signature CherryTin box housing a set of three classy tins each containing 250-300 gms of:

Juicy Crimson Supari: Complementing the flavours of juicy saffron, sugar, saccharin and menthol, this is a must have in every traditional Indian household.

Chunky Sweet Supari: The most basic form of after-meal refreshment that comprises the aromatic flavour and refreshing taste of menthol, sugar, and other natural flavours.

Chewy Silver Supari: Supari coated in silver leaves with the essence of menthol, keeps you refreshed for a really long time.

The sweet and tangy traditional Indian Supari takes on a new avatar in this delicious gift basket selection.