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PronGO Thermal Bag


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Material Type: Thermally Insulated Bag
Color: Black
Warranty: Accompanied by a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects
Pack Contents: Thermally insulated bag with velcro and locking mechanism, Eight numbers of PCM(phase change materials) pack and shoulder strap
  • PronGo bags use the save advanced phase change material (PCM) technology combined with specially selected thermally insulating materials that can keep your product below -10 degree C for over 4 hours
  • Durable, washable, rugged and leak proof, it is a true blue global product, suitable for all weather conditions
  • It comes with a set of four save PCM packs
  • It is used to carry cold beverages and food
  • The bag holds the 2 to 8 degrees food and beverages for upto 10 hours with no change in temperature

Directions for usage

1. Keep all four PCM packs in your freezer for at-least 36 hours or until completely frozen
2. To ensure fast freezing place the PCM packs in flat position and do not stock it one above the other
3. For optimal performance leave the PCM packs in the freezer itself so that PronGO is always ready to go when you need it
4. The freezer temperature has to be set to the coldest mode
5. During use insert the four PCM packs in each of the slots provided in the PronGO bag and place your food products