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Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Industry

Gift giving is an art. Add corporate into the mix and it becomes a science. All you need to do is follow some basic rules, and you’re sure to arrive at a choice that fulfills your objectives. To get you started, here’s some gifts to go for, run from or consider, based on your industry.


Let’s start from the toughest of them all! Bank gifting can be tricky, because recipients vary dramatically in nature. From HNIs to first-time account holders, top bankers to pink-collar employees, there are many different categories of people to gift. And while budgets may vary, the gifts should project the same values—personalization, prestige, reliability—traits one expects from their bank!


Working in a startup does not mean you get the jail-free card when it comes to gifting. It just means, like everything else, you have to be smart and impactful on a lower budget. The best way to highlight what you stand for is to go for products that show innovation, style and an environmentally-conscious mindset!


Gifting in this sector requires most consideration, as a bulk of the gifting is directed towards blue-collar workers, on-ground personnel in small towns and a dealer community. Here, value for money, utility and practicality take precedence over all else.