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Gourmet Mix in Leather Tray

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Our gourmet selection gets a sleek upgrade with this premium leather version - a mouthwatering combination of crunchy cashews, chewy and unique raisins, and aftermeal mints form the perfect trio of sensory delights.

This bouquet weighs approximately 900 gms, with each of following products packed in a beautiful tin and placed in a premium leather tray with die cut handles. The tray is placed in a matchbox style red sleeve and is wrapped in our signature tissue wrap paper.

Honey Roasted Cashews: Glistening honey coated cashew nuts dusted with a fine sprinkling of sugar are like poetry in motion. And edible poetry has a nice ring to it. Indulge in these sweet and crunchy treats.

Paan Masala Raisins: This is the perfect post meal snack. Grab a handful and pop them into your mouth for a buffet of flavours - tradition-meets-modern with a twist! You get the well known taste of paan masala with the sweet cushioning taste of raisins.

Crunchy Green Mix An array of aromatic colourful sugar coated fennel seeds, katha, and green coriander makes it an ever popular mix.

A wonderful blend of gourmet tins set in a premium leather tray.