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Gadget Pouch


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Lead Time: 2 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity : 10
- Comes with multiple pockets to carry your personal stuff and essentials.
- Handy and washable.
- Portable and compact, is easily held in handbag.
- Perfect for holding iPad, smart phone, cards, etc.
- Functional Design - Exterior protects from scratches and dust and soft
- Slim and lightweight design
- 4 cushion compartments - 4 pockets, 1 top zip closure
Do you have a hard time finding the right gadget from your handbag? This handy gadget pouch is simply spacious and smartly designed to store all your gadgets comfortably. It easily fits in a handbag. Safety is a common concern while carrying gadgets, however, you don’t need to worry as the superior cushioning of this pouch acts as a protective shield for your devices.