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Exotic Raisin Assortment - Bundle

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Lots of hardwork and plenty of sunshine brings us these tastiest of grapes - Raisins. These raisins in deliciously sweet and juicy flavours - Natural Afghani, Chewy Chatpata and Paan Masala, are ideal as a healthy snack, for a party or travel.

This bouquet weighs approximately 900 gms, with each of following products packed in a beautiful tin and placed in our signature CherryTin box.

Paan Masala Raisins: This is the perfect post meal snack. Grab a handful and pop them into your mouth for a buffet of flavours - tradition-meets-modern with a twist! You get the well known taste of paan masala with the sweet cushioning taste of raisins.

Chewy Chatpata Raisins: These chapatta raisins are a bit like life itself - kuch khatta, kuch meetha. Which would make them perfect to savour along any of life's moments. It's still the same raisin we all love but with a fancier dress - a coat-ing if you will!

Afghani Raisins: If you are a dried fruit fanatic, this is the the perfect snack for you. The sun inspired golden raisins are an important part of nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. Loaded with delicious fun naturally, enjoy these golden raisins plain as they are, or add them in your salad and enhance your taste buds.

Raisins are taken to new heights in three flavours that make perfect gifting solutions for the holiday season.