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You can ask us anything by just writing to us at or call us at 1-800-103-4438 and we'll get back to you with all your answers

We take pride in our customer service and are very serious about it. Therefore if your question is related to any of the following, just click on it and we have the answer ready.

Top 5 questions
1. How do I create a CherryTin account?
2. The item I wanted is Sold Out. What do I do?
3. How can I write a review for a product I bought?
4. How do I subscribe to your newsletters?
5. When do you have sale?


1. Do you accept international credit cards?

Yes we do! We also accept all types of domestic credit and debit cards. You can check our payment methods for more information.

2. Is my payment information secure?

We guarantee you that your payment information is completely secure and we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect the security of your credit card information. We are committed to protecting your privacy. In the event of unauthorised use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider about this in accordance to their procedures.

3. How can I pay?

We offer multiple payment options. We accept all credit cards (Visa, Master, and Amex) and all debit cards (Visa, Maestro). We also have a Cash on Delivery (COD) option. Read our COD terms and conditions. This is a payment method where you can pay for a product in cash when the courier company delivers it to you. COD is not applicable for fine jewellery. We also offer online funds transfer where you can choose from all major banks in India to transfer money.

4. What is the option if no one is at home when the courier person comes?

Then the courier person gets to keep the gift! Just kidding. All you have to do is track your shipping order and reschedule your delivery with the shipping carrier service. Or you can write to us on the day you process your order and we'll send you your product when you wish to receive it.

5. Do you have an EMI plan?

We currently offer EMI options with CITI Bank. The EMIs are available in 3 month and 6 month instalments.

6. How do I know my payment has been accepted?

Once you complete the payment process, a notification will appear at the checkout informing you if your payment has been successful. We will also immediately send you a mail confirming your payment with an invoice.


1. Can I cancel an order that I placed?

During the checkout process you have the option of cancelling the order prior to placing the order. If, however, you have placed an order and then wish to cancel it, you can do so if the order has not already been processed. To check the status of your order, go to your ‘My Account’ page and click on Orders. If the order status is "pending" then you can still cancel the order by writing in to us immediately at or calling us at 1-800-103-4438 and quote the order number or product number you wish to cancel.

2. Can I cancel only one item from my order?

If you're not 100% satisfied with the item you have bought you can cancel but only if your order has not been processed. Please see the above question.

3. Is it possible to cancel an item bought on sale?

Yes, you can cancel an item bought on sale as long as your order has not been processed.

4. Can I change the product after placing an order?

We are so sorry. That is not possible. But you can cancel your order and place a new order.

5. I have cancelled my order. When will I receive my refund?

As soon as your cancellation of order has been processed, we will issue a credit memo for the order cancelled. But if you wish to have the amount refunded back to your bank account please talk to one of our customer service team members at 1-800-103-4438 and we will gladly assist you. Only customers who have paid via credit card can avail this option. Cheque and wire transfers are also possible on request.

6. Is it possible to make one order and request to deliver each gift at a desired time?

Yes it is! During your order checkout process, you have an option called “Scheduled Delivery” which allows you to select a date in the future when you would like your gift delivered. It is possible to select different addresses for the same order, and choose where you would like to send each gift, and when you would like them to be sent out on. No more belated gifts!

7. Is it possible to return or exchange a personalised gift?

We are so sorry you are not satisfied with your gift. Unfortunately, it's not possible to return and exchange a gift that has been personalised until and unless it is defective or damaged. For more information on this please go through our returns and exchange policy.


1. I forgot my password. What do I do?

Consider this done. All you have to do is click on the "forgot password" button while logging in and we'll send you a mail with a link that will allow you to change your password.

2. What are the benefits of having an account with you?

The experience you get while shopping at CherryTin is not worth comparing with anything else. We believe gifting is a tradition which brings back joy. If you have an account with us, these are the benefits you'll receive: You can store multiple addresses with us. You can receive updates on discounts and sale and you will be our first priority for all new items. What more? You also get to share your wish list with people you know and get to know what they think about your choice. You will also get discounts on our products. Plus if you have an account with us, you are part of the CherryTin family and we'll do every thing possible to keep you happy.

3. How can I get assistance if I need any?

If you fancy a chat with us don't hesitate to call us on 1-800-103-4438 or reach out to us is by writing to us at and we will assist you as soon as possible. You can also click on the chat box at the bottom right of your screen to contact us with any doubts or questions.

4. Is there any way I can learn more about CherryTin?

We are so happy that you that you want to get to know us better. You can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, and follow our blog to know what we are up to. To know our CherryTin story you can click on About Us in the footer. Adding on to that, you can subscribe to our newsletters and we'll get you some exciting and fun filled news from CherryTin.

5. How do I create an account for corporate gifts?

Creating an account for corporate gifts is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is click on corporate gifts in the footer and it will lead you to our corporate gifts page. You can then sign up for your very own corporate gifts account on CherryTin.

6. What is your privacy policy?

We at CherryTin respect your privacy and we would never reveal any private information given by customers. Our privacy policy covers how we treat the information we collect and receive from customers.

7. Can I store more than one address for shipment if I create an account?

Yes of course you can. This is one of your many benefits if you have an account with us. You can store more than just one address in your account.

Returns and Exchanges

1. I bought a gift recently and I would like to return it. How do I do it?

To return a product, have a look at our Returns and exchange policy. We hope you're not seriously thinking about it though.

2. I have returned an item I bought. What will happen next?

We are really sorry to know that you had to return your product. Once we have received your returned product, we shall notify you by email confirming receipt of the product. Our Team will then study the product and determine if the claim for return is valid (damaged product, wrong product etc). If the claim is valid, we shall refund the amount to you after deducting shipping charges.

3. I would like to return a gift that I received from a friend. How do I do that?

Didn't like what you received? We are really sorry to know that the gift did not work for you. You can send back your product in the same packaging that you received it in to our address and we will refund the money in the sender's account. In case of an exchange, we will ship the new product back to you. Kindly include the invoice and certificate that was delivered with the product.

4. I want to return an item purchased during sale. How does that work?

If an item purchased on sale has been incorrectly engraved then we will accept an exchange for the item. For all other items purchased on sale, however, we do not accept returns or refunds.

5. I have self shipped my return. How will I know if you received my product?

We will send you a confirmation mail as soon as we receive your product. But we advise you to use a reliable courier service for all self shipped returns. You can also track your shipment with your carrier.


1. What are cookies? Do I need to enable cookies on my browser?

These are definitely not those yummy chocolate chip cookies that we all love. Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve badges and ads based on your prior visits to our website. You may opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page.

2. I am getting an error message during payment. What went wrong?

If you experience such an error then we request you to double check your credit card number and its expiration date. If the problem still persists, please call us at 1-800-103-4438 and we will help you.

3. I am having technical difficulties with the website. What do I do?

We hate it when these things happen and we would like to apologise if you experience any technical problems on our website. If the problem persists even after refreshing, call us at 1-800-103-4438 and we'll fix it quickly.

4. I accidentally deleted the invoice email. What do I do?

Accidents happen all the time. Do not worry about it. Make sure you check your deleted mails in your trash folder. If its not even there, all you have to do is call our customer care number at 1-800-103-4438 or write to us at and mention your order number from your account under order tracking. We will immediately send you a copy of your invoice. Problem solved.

5. My payment got cancelled due to power cut. What do I do?

Such a situation rarely occurs. But we have got a solution to this too. If your payment got cancelled, your items will be sent back to your shopping cart and you can re-purchase your items. But if your payment got cancelled during the transaction, you will have to check with your bank regarding this. If the payment does not get through, we send back all your items back into your shopping cart, safe and sound.


1. Where do you get your bath products from?

We take pride in telling you that we get all our bath products from Isha Foundation. Isha Foundation is a nonprofit public service organisation. With Sadhguru's (Founder of Isha Foundation) vision and sight, "Isha means that which is the source of creation”. With their wide range of products they aim to bring Isha into the homes and environments of the community and ultimately enrich people's lives. All profits from their products are used to serve the rural people of India. At CherryTin we took this as an opportunity and decided to extend our helping hand. With various exotic and enriching bath products from Isha Foundation, you will gain that ultimate peace of mind after a long hectic day of work.

2. Is it possible to make my own bath bouquet?

We have put together bath bouquets that we feel best utilise the amazing natural products we have. Each bouquet has a range of products to answer all your bath needs. Currently, we do not offer the ability to create your own bouquet, but when we do will make sure to let you know if you have an account with us.

3. Are your bath products allergy free?

All our bath products are totally safe and made with purely natural ingredients. They contain no parabens and are not tested on animals. Click on the product details tab for more details about our products.

4. How will I know which bath product suits me the best?

Each bath bouquet we have at CherryTin has been made especially to suit your needs. All our products are made of 100 % organically sourced ingredients. You can click on the product and take a look at our description of the product. If you are satisfied that this bouquet meets all your needs, there you go! View our Bath line here.

5. Are your bath products clinically tested?

All our bath products are clinically tested and approved so you can totally give in to the power of their natural elements. We also take pride in telling you that none of our bath products are animal tested. Our certified doctors test all our products in their germ-free lab to give you the ultimate bath essentials.


1. What is your range of gourmet products?

We have a wide range of gourmet products ranging from yummy Nuts and Dried Fruits to munch, some refreshing flavours of sippilicious Tea, exotic Spices and totally revitalising After Mints. Have a look at our Gourmet products.

2. Where are your gourmet products sourced from?

Each of our gourmet products are selected from the best regional producers in the country - raisins from Kashmir, after mints from Calcutta, cashews from Goa, organic teas from the Nilgiris, and so on. A stringent quality check is put into place to ensure that every product is delicious.

3. How will I know if your gourmet products are allergy free?

We wouldn't want you to have anything that would give you an allergy. You can check our product details for each gourmet product on our gourmet section. All you have to do is select you item and click on product details for a list of ingredients.

4. Is it possible to choose what goes into my gourmet gift box?

Absolutely! At CherryTin, you have the option of availing our “Make Your Own” selection. You can select your box, your tins, and your gourmet treats as well - from cashews and almonds to green teas and seasonings, and much more!

Order related

1. How will I know if my order has been placed successfully?

This is a question that you don't have to worry about at all. CherryTin is a safe place to shop. As soon as you place your order and checkout from you cart, we will send you a confirmation mail with your billing details so you know you are getting the right products delivered.

2. How do I track my shipment?

Tracking your shipment is super easy. We have two options for you. First we send you a mail as soon as we dispatch your order and then we'll remind you where your order is and when you'll receive it. But in between the confirmation and reminder phase, if you feel awfully curious to know where you order is, you can click on "order tracking" on our website and you'll have all the details.

3. If I place two different orders on the same day, will I receive them at the same time?

Orders placed before 1:30 pm IST will be dispatched on the same day. Orders received after 1:30 pm IST will be dispatched the next day. All order delivery dates mentioned are excluding Sundays and National Holidays.


1. How do I create a personalised stationery notecard order?

Our simple online ordering system makes it easy to personalise and preview your cards before completing your order to ensure that everything is perfect. Once you have selected your stationery notecard template, you will be redirected to that item's product page where you can find all the information about the product such as photo dimensions. From that page you can begin to personalise your notecard. Through a series of simple steps you can add your personalised messages, add pictures (for photo cards) and finally preview your personalised stationery item before proceeding to check out. Have a look at our ‘Personalised Stationery’.

2. What customisation options are available to me for personalised notecards?

While selecting your notecard design, some cards have special template options - the same notecard design in another colour. After selecting the design and template of your choice, you can further customise the card by adding name, address (optional) and any other relevant data. After designing the card, you can also opt to have the envelopes printed with a text of your choice, as well as adding gift tags for an additional fee in the same card design.

3. How much does customisation cost?

Customising your stationery at CherryTin is absolutely free. It's all part of the personalisation process- we won't ask you to pay for your own hard work. If you require additional help such as proof reading, there will be a small fee of Rs. 100.

4. Will my design be reviewed and proof-read?

We want to make sure your order exceeds your expectations! We offer the option for you to have a professional typesetter check each item in your order to ensure every detail is perfectly flawless - we will review the layout of the design to best suit your personalised order, proofread the text for grammar, misspelled words or forgotten capitalisation and make sure your item is ready and perfect. To avail this option, please tick on the small box for typsetter's proof before check out. We will send you a sample of your finished card and only when you are satisfied, will we send the product to you.

5. Is it possible to add a personalised message in other languages?

We are afraid we do not have that option currently. You can only write your messages in English.

6. How can I personalise a book on CherryTin?

Simply select the notebook cover design of your choice, select the type of inner paper and the type of binding you want, and proceed to personalise the cover with a name, and if possible, other details. Your book will be printed accordingly. Have a look at our ‘Personalised Notebooks’.


1. How will I know the authenticity of the jewellery I am buying?

The jewellery you are buying is carefully hand-crafted by a select set of partners. Every product you buy from CherryTin will have details such as purity and weight of every metal and stone used in the product.

2. How do I know the purity of gold?

All gold jewellery items sold at CherryTin have a purity of 18k.

3. Do you have a repair policy?

Unfortunately we do not have repair policy. You can have a look at our returns and exchange policy.

4. I am concerned about the environmental destruction caused due to the conflicts in Africa. Where do your diamonds come from?

We totally understand that you care about where your diamonds come from. We strive to maintain the highest standards when it comes to conflict with diamonds. We can assure you that we source our diamonds from reputable providers who trade legally.

5. Do the pendants come with a chain?

Yes. All our pendants come with a ready to wear leather dori which is 1.5 mm thick. They are excellent options for daily wear. We do however also retail yellow gold and white gold chains on our website which you can purchase. Have a look at our Jewellery