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Corporate gifting Myths Vs Facts

As I write this article, my calendar shows it’s exactly 3 months to Diwali. And while I’m thinking of festivities & celebrations, I’m sure conference rooms across the country have marketers scratching their heads about getting their gifts right! Well, for those of you who aren’t sure, here are some common myths about Diwali gifts, and why they need to be busted!

1. Gifts don’t matter!
Well, stop being delusional because THEY DO. According to PPAI (Promotional Product Association International) 78% find corporate gifting to be an effective marketing tool, 27% feel it leads to business referrals and 63% companies claim it improves their customer relations. Corporate gifting leads to positive brand perception, higher recall, and increased sales. So think of it as marketing spend with great ROI, and get started now!
2. If it helps my brand, let’s get branding!
Yes, corporate gifts will help your brand grow in many ways. But that does NOT mean you brand the life out of every gift. Choosing the right gift is like walking in a minefield, and excessive branding is a sure shot way of your strategy exploding. No one wants to carry a notebook or wear a t-shirt with your brand written in a 100-point font size. The trick is in the balance—keep it visible, subtle and aesthetic.
3. It’s Diwali, let’s order dry fruits!
Ask yourself how many packets of dry fruits you get every Diwali? And now make a list of all the people who gifted you almonds last year? I can guarantee you won’t remember. And that’s the whole point. The purpose of corporate gifting is to increase brand recall, and that’s never going to happen if you do what everyone else is doing. Get your thinking hats on, and pick a gift to remember.
4. I want more “bang for the buck”
What are corporates looking for? The most common answer is a “higher perceived value”. It’s a very Indian concept actually! If we spend Rs 100, we want our gift to look like it’s worth Rs 150. Want the truth? That’s just bollocks. If you have want your gift to look more expensive than it is, there’s only one way of insuring that—compromising on quality. So instead of focusing on getting a bigger, more flashier product, focus on working with the right vendors who can deliver quality and value.
5. I’ll pay for the gift, not the experience
Gifts are a lot like chocolates. For them to be a success, they need to stimulate more than one sense! No one’s life is altered when you send him or her a power bank. What will make them remember your gift is the experience you give them. Beautiful packaging, a personalized notecard, a nice gift box, and delivery in good condition—every one of these adds serious value to your gift. So when you’re planning your budgets, plan for the experience.