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Alexander's Gourmet Trio - Bundle

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This bouquet marks the trail of Alexander the Great. Starting way down in Iran to Afghanistan and all the way up to Kashmir, the true taste of these regions is reflected in these unique nuts. Indulge yourselves in amazing and natural Afghani Figs, Roasted Irani Pistachios, and Kashmiri Apricots that are as tempting now as they were a millenia ago.

This bouquet weighs approximately 900 gms, with each of following products packed in a beautiful tin and placed in our signature CherryTin box.

Afghani Figs: Theres is nothing like the unique taste and texture that combines the smoothness and crunch of figs. Highly nutritious and lusciously sweet tasting dried fruit from Afghanistan is also extremely healthful.

Roasted Irani Pistachio: Quite often a product comes to be associated with the place it originated from. In the case of pistachio nut, that origin lies in the fertile valleys of Iran. These high quality, plump nuts deliver on every scale including the yumminess factor (and let's face it, that's the most important one). There are few rituals that are as pleasing or addictive as cracking open a hard shell to reveal the wonderful treasure within.

Kashmiri Apricots: Orange and golden hued apricots from the peaks of Kashmir, will tempt taste buds with their sweet, tart flavour. Those who don't like green veggies can indulge themselves in this nutrient rich, wholesome dried fruit.

Follow Alexander the Great's trail as delicious nuts & dried fruits come together - perfect for Diwali gifting!